Programmes for Schools

We offer a variety of courses for schools. As one of the first vendors for the Code for Fun programme, and the Infocomm Learning Roadmap, we’re well-equipped with the curriculum and experience to deliver first-rate coding training for students of all levels. Read on to find out more about our programmes, or send us an email if you have any questions! Contact usRead more

Code for Fun

We are an approved provider for the Code for Fun Enrichment Programme, offered by the Infocomm Media Development Authority and the Ministry of Education. The programme aims to expose MOE primary and secondary school students’ exposure to coding and computational thinking. From the programme page:

The CFF Enrichment Programme aims to

facilitate the exposure of coding and computational thinking to a large base of students, and help build an entire generation of workforce inculcated with basic coding and computational thinking skills.

Course fees for Code for Fun are subsidised by IMDA, and are pre-approved without further quotation processes. 

As one of the very first Code for Fun providers, we offer a set of rigorous, cost-effective courses for schools to introduce coding and making to large groups of students with Arduino. In 2017, we’re introducing micro:bit and Arduino robotics with FreaksCar!

Infocomm Learning Roadmap

The Infocomm Learning Roadmap (ICM Learning Roadmap), offered by the Infocomm Media Development Authority, provides free training for Infocomm Clubs in schools. From the programme page:

An ICM Learning Roadmap has been developed as a guide in structuring progressive ICM training in various ICM domains. It will be helpful for all teachers-in-charge running Infocomm Clubs and also for interested students who aspire towards particular roles in ICM.

Course fees for the ICM Learning Roadmap are fully subsidised by IMDA, i.e. students undergo training at no cost to the school.

As a pioneer Infocomm Club Approved Vendor, we offer a set of engaging and technically rigorous courses for schools to introduce coding and making to Infocomm Club students. In 2017, we’re extending our Game Development offerings, introducing robotics with Sphero, Dash, and Arduino, and teaching Python everywhere we can.