micro:bit Tutorials

Get started with our BBC Micro:bit Kit and the Breakout Board here!
Check back regularly for updates and new tutorials.

Getting started with the Micro:bit Tinker Kit

Tinkercademy is proud to present our very own Micro:bit Tinker Kit. Made in Singapore! The kit comes with:

  • Our custom breakout board, which makes it super easy to make projects with the micro:bit!
  • A variety of Octopus parts: components with colour-coded plugs that connect easily with the breakout board.

Follow the graphical guide to get started on using the Breakout Board, and try out the tutorials below.

We’re proud to be a launch partner of the Infocomm Media Development Authority for the launch of the Digital Maker Programme, which aims to nurture a new generation of digital natives with a passion for technology. Read more about our Digital Maker Programme initiatives at our blog.

Have a new micro:bit? Here’s where you can get started:

  • The official micro:bit site at microbit.org
  • Want to jump straight into coding? See microbit.org/code, or go straight to Microsoft MakeCode.
  • microbit.org has lots of great MakeCode lessons to get started—check here!
  • Try out more projects from the Digital Maker Programme on Instructables. Find out more about the Digital Maker Programme, by the Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore, here.
  • Try our tutorials below! Some components may require extra libraries, which are available for download in the tutorials.
  • Join our micro:bit microCamps for a 2-day journey exploring the functionalities of the micro:bit


Got the basics but don’t know what else to do? Here are some interesting DIY projects with complete tutorials which you can do on your own at home or at school with your micro:bit Tinker Kit and a little bit of creativity. Get tinkering!

Wire Transmission

Communicate between two micro:bits over a piece of string, a servo and a crash sensor.


Want to experience the fun of coding on the micro:bit without all the fuss of circuit components? This snake game in Python will only take a few dozen minutes to make and can be surprisingly fun!

Flappy Bird

Miss the original Flappy Bird game that creator Dong Nguyen took off the App Store? Only bought the micro:bit without other parts? Don’t worry, you can create your own version of the viral sensation that took over the internet. This tutorial is in Python.

Pitch Perfect

Learn to build a game that test your ear pitch senses ~


Learn to create a simple math game with a Micro:bit.

Maze Runner

Learn to program a maze runner game that uses a buzzer and an ADKeypad attached to the micro:bit.

Flippy Pancakes

Learn to program a pancake flipping game that uses a buzzer and an ADKeypad attached to the micro:bit.

Electric Spirit Level

Create a simple and extremely user-friendly tilt display using only your micro:bit! No additional components required.


Learn to use an analog sensor with the micro:bit to play funky electric ‘analog’ music and be your very own DJ!

Space Shooter

Are you tired of complicated flashy modern games? Prefer your games in 5 x 5 resolution rather than 4K resolution? Have some arcade fun on your Micro:bit with Space Shooter! This tutorial is in JavaScript.


PADDLEBALLSUPERSMASHEM is a genre-breaking new (well…) game that you can create with just an hour of spare time! Fun that can last for hours! (Well…) This tutorial is in JavaScript.

Micro:bit Lie Detector

With this machine, the truth will never escape you! As long as you can make your subject hold a moisture sensor for a while.

Remote Control Everything!

Do you already have a micro:bit project you’d like to control from afar?
Partner up with a friend, or grab a spare micro:bit, to make a remote controlled project with 2 micro:bits. (Don’t grab a friend’s micro:bit. Be nice.)

Smart Light

Afraid of the dark? Don’t worry! Micro:bit has got you covered. (Or you could just buy a torchlight.)

Avoid the Asteroids

Make your own game on the micro:bit, and admire it in all its 5 by 5 pixelated glory! 

Plant Monitoring

Don’t let your plants wither and die! Keep track of when to water your plants with a moisture sensor. (We promise your plant probably won’t end up looking like the one in the photo.)

Intruder Detection

Are your friends constantly sneaking into your dorm room to eat your snacks? You need better friends! Wait, no, you need this intruder detection micro:bit project!

Simple Alarm Machine

For your simple anti-thievery needs! (Please don’t actually use this as an anti-theft device, unless you’re protecting against small children. In which case, you should try counselling… but we don’t have a micro:bit project for that.)

Make a Motion Detector

Don’t like people sneaking up on you? Not a fan of humidity? Enjoy sounds? What a happy coincidence, because boy do we have an oddly specific and mildly contrived micro:bit project for you! In this project, we’ll learn how to use the motion sensor, the moisture sensor, and the buzzer.

Make A Micro:bit Car

Make your very own self-driving micro:bit car! (Disclaimer: It’s only “self-driving” inasmuch as a ball rolling down a hill is “self-rolling”.)

Make a Music Machine

Use the 5-button ADKeyboard to make some sweet, sweet… 5-note music. On a buzzer.