Our students have built some pretty cool things, ranging from apps to games to remote controlled devices and beyond!

This internship was so much than just a programming task. As the project owner, I went through all stages of product development. From the idea generation, discussion with end users, development, live demonstrations to troubleshooting and maintenance.


Software Development Intern, 2017

Being at Tinkertanker gave me the drive and motivation to push through the courses on a very tight schedule, thanks to the mentors who were there to provide not just answers, but the right questions and resources to find out myself.


Machine Learning & Data Science Intern, 2017

I am really happy to have worked on several projects that were put to life. It was a little nerve-wrecking and mind boggling but I’m glad everything turned out okay. Through this experience, I have learnt how to appreciate and enjoy the building process apart from looking at the end product.


Computer Engineering Intern, 2017