Make a Waving Fortune Cat

Use a micro:bit and mini servo to make your very own Maneki-Neko, or Fortune Cat, who waves its hand when you press a button!

Designed and written by Tim Ho from the National University of Singapore.


  • Make a moving cardboard cat.
  • Give cat an action which you desire. 
  • Hint: Follow the steps and pictures during your building process!



  • 1 x ADKeypad
  • 1 x Battery Pack
  • 2 x Yellow LED
  • 1 x Breakout Board
  • 1 x micro:bit
  • 1 x Mini Servo

Step 1 – Choose a cat

  • Find a cat image and stick over a cardboard for support.
  • Choose a cat personality of your choice. Happy, relaxed or friendly!

Step 2 – Connect electronic parts.

  • Connect the following on the breakout board
    • ADKeypad to Pin ‘0’.
    • Mini Servo to Pin ‘1’.
    • Two LED lights to Pin ‘2’ and Pin ‘8’.

The colours of the jumper wires don’t actually affect how the electronics work. But it is good practice to follow a colour convention so that you can easily identify where which cables are attached to.

Step 3 – Join up electronics to cardboard

  • Mount the mini servo to right side of your cardboard cat.
  • Create two openings on the cardboard for the LED lights to shine through

Step 4 – Code Microbit


    • Create block code in make code on the left.
    • When Button ‘A’ is pushed
      • Two LED lights up
      • Servo motor turns

Cool stuff!

Now you’ve brought your cat to life. Think of a variety of movements for your cat. Enjoy and add them on to the cat!