• Get to know the servo and use it to make a car
  • Make a car that moves !

Note: This activity uses extra parts not found in the kit

1 x BBC micro:bit
1 x Micro USB cable
1 x Breakout board
2 x Servo
1 x Acrylic car body
2 x Wheels
1 x Felt pad
Sticky tape
  • Connect your car parts as shown in the pictures
  • Follow the labels on the car body to insert the components correctly with the sticky tape
  • Connect the servo connectors to Pin 0 and Pin 1


  • We will want to use some code to reset the servo to a fixed position whenever we start


  • Let’s start writing another set of codes to make one of our servos turn
  • You can right click on the code and choose duplicate to speed things up
  • Use the pause (ms) code block between your servo commands
  • Use a while true loop to make sure your code keeps turning your servo when you press button A