Blockchain Classes

Blockchain is the most revolutionary technology in recent memory, yet few comprehend its influence. In our introductory course, we will demystify the concept of how it works through hands-on activities. For developers, our intermediate course will equip you with the knowledge to start developing your own apps on the fast-growing Stellar blockchain.

Understanding Blockchain Technology: A Hands-on Introduction

Join us for an interactive exploration of the building blocks of blockchain technology and a discussion on its practical uses. Through multiple hands-on activities, we will explore and highlight the many concepts that make blockchain technology possible. The course has multiple real world examples and contrasts between specific blockchain implementations, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Stellar, with the goal of demystifying the concept of blockchain technology and providing a relevant, applicable understanding.

This course is relevant to working professionals in domains such as logistics, education and finance, for whom blockchain technology is already threatening to disrupt their industries. Participants will be well-positioned to debate the pros and cons of different blockchain implementations and contribute to any blockchain-related projects and discussions.

The course is also relevant to programmers who are interested to build applications using blockchain technologies, but don’t yet have a solid grasp on the underlying technology, especially as it becomes increasingly in demand for future job opportunities.

Course Outline

  • What is Blockchain: Creating a Story Blockchain
  • Blockchain: Past and Present
  • The Building Blocks of Blockchain
    • Public Distribution, Decentralisation, and Immutability
    • Cryptographic Hash Functions
    • Digital Signatures
  • How Bitcoin Utilises Blockchain Technology
  • Consensus Protocols
    • Proof of Work
    • Proof of Stake
  • Security of Blockchains
  • Decentralised Applications
    • Smart Contracts
  • Future Applications of Blockchain

Course Duration

7 hrs

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Developing on the Stellar Blockchain

Stellar is a fast-growing blockchain focused on payments. It uses the Stellar Consensus Protocol and features properties such as anchors and chain of conversions.

In this intermediate course, developers will learn to create smart contracts on Stellar using the Javascript SDK. At the end of the course, developers will be bootstrapped with the knowledge of how the Stellar blockchain works and how to develop Stellar applications.

Developers should be moderately experienced in programming, though not necessarily in Javascript.

Course Outline

  • Setting up Development Environment
  • Stellar Network
    • Stellar Consensus Protocol
    • Multi-currency Asset Exchange
    • Anchors
    • Pathfinding
    • Account Creation
  • Transactions
    • Life cycle
    • Error catching
    • Operations and Attributes
    • Multi-signature
    • Security Thresholds
  • Advanced transactions
    • Assets
    • Trustlines
  • Smart Contracts
    • Multiple/batched operations
    • Sequencing
    • Time-bounds

Course Duration

12 hrs

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