The Tinkercademy X Programme

Tinkercademy X is a membership programme where we provide a supportive environment for you to learn coding and/or electronics. X lets you design what and how you want to learn – we give you the space, maker tools, curriculum materials, and attentive mentorship. Think of X as a tech gym where you can build your knowledge and innovative projects.


For a low monthly fee subscription, you have access to:

  • Our space on Saturdays, 10am to 4pm, to self-study while getting in-person expert guidance, mentorship, and one-on-one consultations
  • Maker equipment and a library of electronic modules that can be loaned to members to build projects
  • Course material and classes to support your learning journey
  • Online support during the week when Tinkercademy X is not in session
  • A community to network with and to discuss ideas
  • Rainbows and unicorns (conditions apply)

Contact us to get started! We are launching at a price of $214/month (including GST).


The space is great if you already know what you want to do and have some skills under your belt. Our program gives you the freedom to design what and how you want to learn. However, if you are looking for more structure to kickstart your learning journey, we also conduct regular classes on these Saturdays across 4 different tracks! These are aimed at equipping you with the fundamentals so you can get comfortable exploring more on your own.

Do you aspire to be a . . . ?

Digital Maker

You’ve heard terms like “Arduino” and “Raspberry Pi” floating around and like to tinker when problems go awry with machinery. With our guidance, take the next step and make static objects come to life.

  • Understand how software and hardware interact with microcontrollers
  • Connect your devices to the Internet so they can send you notifications anywhere in the world
  • Pick up some hardcore hardware skills in soldering and fabricating
  • Create cool projects like a GPS navigation device, an autonomous robot car, a candy dispenser, and a grumpy cat

Mobile Developer

It can’t be thaaat hard programming stuff like Angry Birds, Flappy Bird, and Pokemon Go, right? While we can’t guarantee you’ll have the next smash hit in the App Store, this track will help you learn:

  • How the elements you interact with in an app break down into components
  • The common ways that apps are designed and structured
  • The basics of the programming languages used to create iOS apps
  • How to connect your apps to shared databases that work with both websites and apps

Web Developer

Why is a website like Facebook so valuable and how many people do they actually need to keep it running? What does it take to keep it running? If you’ve ever had thoughts like these, this track will teach you to:

  • Learn what goes into the look and feel of a website
  • Know how to set up the logic that lets users interact with a site
  • Use tools to “look under the hood” and understand how your favorite websites are put together
  • Work with databases to store and protect user information
  • Learn to deploy a website so it “shows up” on the Internet

Computer Scientist

Interested in learning some general programming skills? Possibly even interested in dabbling in data science or machine learning? We’ll help you think like a computer scientist by equipping you with skills in Python – the most popular introductory programming language in top US universities.

  • Learn the basics of computer science through Python, a powerful language commonly used for teaching and data analysis
  • Create visualizations and animations

Tinkercademy X

$214/ month (inclusive of GST)
  • Our Saturday space
  • Maker tools & electronic modules
  • Course materials & classes
  • Online support
  • Attentive mentorship & guidance
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