Python Game Dev

Suitable for:
13 – 18 years old

24 – 36 hours

In this course, students will hone their Python programming skills by creating simple games via Processing, a software designed to make Python game development more accessible. Students will begin by learning Python basics and use Turtle to draw geometric shapes. They will then learn to use loops and functions to scale simple geometric shapes into sophisticated abstract art. Students will be comfortable writing simple Python programs, and, by the end of the course, will have generated a whole series of creative games and digitally-generated artworks.

Once students are comfortable programming in Python, they will move to Processing and begin learning how to create simple games. These will require them to program simple animations as well as simple implementations of maths and physics. Throughout, they will become comfortable with the development process (code-test-revise) and become adept at debugging their own code.

Python is used for GCE O and A Levels Computing, and this course provides an opportunity for students to master the language in a fun and applied manner.

We can customise this course. For beginner coders, the students will build projects that focus of foundational CS concepts; for intermediate coders, the projects will expose students to more complex math, algorithms, and classes.

What you’ll learn


By the end of the course, students will:
– appreciate how programming can be used to create digital art and animation
– have an understanding of how to think computationally to implement algorithms
– learn the complexity of simple computer games

Learn for Life

Creative/inventive thinking, Critical thinking

Course Outline

– Introduction to Game Design and Development
– Introduction to Python (intro to variables and functions)
– Python Turtles (intro to coordinates, sequencing, random number generation, and loops)
– Introduction to Processing
– Shooting Game
– Bouncing Balls (intro to classes)
– Breakout Game
– Snake Game
– Pong Game

What you’ll need




Laptop computers with access to


This course assumes no prior programming knowledge.

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