Intro to Blockchain Technology

Suitable for:
Above 19 years

6 – 16 hours

This course is an interactive exploration of the building blocks of blockchain technology and a discussion on its practical uses. We highlight the many concepts that make blockchain technology possible, delve into the different consensus protocols used by today’s blockchains, and explore potential future applications across multiple domains.

What you’ll learn


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
– explain the key elements of blockchains that allow them to function
– understand the different consensus protocols that differentiate the blockchains that exist today
– discuss the benefits and drawbacks of possible blockchain solutions with colleagues and peers

Learn for Life


Course Outline

Module 1 – Introduction to Blockchain (2.5 hours)
– History of Blockchain- Public Distribution, Decentralisation, and Immutability
– Cryptographic Hash Functions
– Digital Signatures

Module 2 – Consensus Protocols (2 hours)
– What are Consensus Protocols? Why are they important?
– Proof of Work
– Proof of Stake
– Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance
– Federated Byzantine Agreement

Module 3 – Potential Applications of Blockchain (1.5 hours)
– Benefits of Blockchain: What can blockchain offer?
– Applications of Blockchain: What domains will be impacted?

What you’ll need






This course assumes no prior knowledge of blockchain.

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