Holiday Camps

Our June Holiday camps are here! Explore our courses in electronics, robotics, game design and more, or check out our other individual programmes. Code, Tinker and Make with us.


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Young Makers (6 years old and up)

Focused on hands-on experience. Enriching and fun at the same time!

Build Storytelling Games with Bloxels

Build games using blocks and your imagination! Design your own heroes and villains, build exciting levels, and make them come to life with stories and animations. A special workshop by Kris Lee of Pixel Quest Academy!

Suitable for: 6–14 year olds
Duration: 2 days x 3-hr session
Dates: To be arranged

Creative Engineer

Engineering isn’t just about academic math and physical laws— it’s also about making things through prototyping and experimentation. Practice the engineering process with award-winning building kits such as littleBits, Strawbees, and Makedo.

Suitable for: 7–10 year olds
Duration: 4 days x 3-hr session
Date: To be arranged

Cardboard Maker

Spend a fun morning making cardboard objects with our cardboard sculptor friend, Bart. You will build a coin bank, robot and F1 car. Appreciate how the humble cardboard is transformed into useful pieces of art, and how accessible it is for you to be a maker.

Suitable for: 7–12 year olds
Duration: 2-hr session
Date: To be arranged

Teen Tinkerers (10 years old and up)

More in-depth making and coding. Invent, tinker, create, do, repeat

Digital Maker

Learn to prototype with the micro:bit micro-controller while creating fun projects in our 2-day camp! Students will become familiar with programming concepts and electronics components in the process of building their projects.

Suitable for: 10–15 year olds
Duration: 2 days x 3-hr session
Date: To be arranged

Intro to Robotics with LEGO MINDSTORMS

Get started building on the LEGO MINDSTORMS platform with our friends from CORE Robotics! This introductory workshop will get you started with mechanical construction and programming.

Suitable for: 10-15 year olds
Duration: 4-hr session
Date: To be arranged

Code Artist

Want to learn programming, but not too excited about making little block-based games? Make original art with real code in this camp. You’ll write code in Python, a widely-used programming language, to make digital art and animations.

Suitable for: 12-15 year olds
Duration: 3 days x 3-hr session
Date: To be arranged

High-Tech Maker

Here’s your entry pass to join the Maker Movement: learn to create physical and electronic technology prototypes in this course. Get started becoming a maker with modern making technologies like 3D printers, laser cutters, and circuit printers.

Suitable for: 12-15 year olds
Duration: 5 days x 4-hr session
Date: To be arranged

Minecraft Hacker

Do you want to learn coding? But is sitting in front of a screen full of weird symbols too boring for you? Then how about some Minecraft! We will teach you how to interact the Minecraft world using python, just like Neo did in The Matrix!
Are you ready for some excitement?

Suitable for: 12-18 year olds
Duration: 5 days x 5-hr session
Date: To be arranged

This camp was an eye-opener as we could use many of the latest equipment in the industry today. My favourite was the 3D printer as it was really quite cool and fun to see a digital image on the computer become 3D in real-life.

Some Fine Print

Please note that we will confirm the dates for the selected camps that you sign up for. Certain camps may not run if there are not enough sign-ups. In the event that the camp(s) you paid for is/are not running, you will be able to switch to one that is running, or we will refund you through the same payment method you provided. If you have any questions, concerns, or are looking for suggestions for your child or student, feel free to contact us at [email protected]!