High Tech Maker II (Laser Cutting)

Suitable for:
13 – 18 years old

6 – 16 hours

What if you could cut out precise shapes from materials like plastic and wood? No more laborious crafting and shaving and adjusting just to get everything to fit! This course explores using sheets of ‘2D’ material to build more complex 3D sculptures and useful objects.

What you’ll learn


By the end of this course, participants will be able to –
i. Design vectors in CAD software
ii. Operate the Full Spectrum Laser Hobby series
iii. Create their very own pencil holder / trinket holder / desktop sculpture


Learn for Life

– Problem Solving
– Creativity
– Time Management
– Responsible Decision Making

Course Outline

i. Introduction to 3D puzzles + sculptures using 2D pieces
ii. Introduction to possible joinery types
iii. Sketching and prototyping a pencil holder/trinket holder
iv. Designing vectors for interlocking accurately in Inkscape
v. Safety instructions and how to operate the laser cutter.


What you’ll need


i. Inkscape
ii. RetinaEngrave

Download and installation will be covered in this course.





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