Generative Art in Python

Suitable for:
13 – 18 years old

6 – 16 hours

Combine the domains of technology, arts, and math to create algorithms that draw and animate. Ignite students’ creativity while they learn how to code in Python, one of the most popular textual programming language used in schools.

Python is used for GCE O and A Levels Computing, and this course provides an opportunity for students to master the language in a fun and applied manner.

We can customise this course. For beginner coders, the students will build projects that focus of foundational CS concepts of variables and loops. For intermediate coders, the projects will expose students to more math, algorithms, and functions.

What you’ll learn


By the end of this course, students will be able to:
– generate geometric shapes, repeating patterns and complex shapes on a digital canvas
– use computing concepts such as variables, loops, random number generator, functions
– create animation
– create interactive art that captures and responds to user interaction
– use transformation: translation, scaling and rotation


Learn for Life

– Creative/inventive thinking


Course Outline

Module 1 (8-10 hrs):
– code geometric shapes with
– use variables and loops to generate multiple shapes
– turn drawings into animation

Module 2 (8-10 hrs):
– capture user interaction
– use transformation: translation, scaling and rotation

What you’ll need




laptop computer, internet access



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