Digital Maker

Develop computational thinking skills and learn electronics concepts.
Be a technologically engaged citizen ready to take on the technology-driven world.

We had a blast at our November camps. Watch out for our return in 2018. Meanwhile, please review our new curation of March holiday camps.

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Course Overview

We live in a technology driven world where nearly every aspect of our lives can be made safer and more productive through modern electronics. In this camp, we hope to stimulate students’ interests in technology to develop the next generation of innovators. Learn electronics concepts, exercise your computational thinking skills, and gain an appreciation of the components that go into everyday devices such as electronic toys and smartphones! This is a project-based camp where students will create multiple projects and take them home!

What Will You Learn?

Electronics concepts

You use all kinds of electronic devices all day–find out more about how they work! You’ll learn about digital vs. analog, input vs. output, and much more.

Code the micro:bit

The micro:bit is a tiny computer you can control with code. You’ll write your very own programs to control the micro:bit and various attached components!

Program in MakeCode

You’ll be doing your coding in Microsoft MakeCode, a beginner-friendly block-based programming environment. No semicolons or curly braces here!

Computer Science concepts

You may not hear us explicitly teaching these, but you’ll learn about core CS concepts like variables, event handlers, conditionals, and loops.

In Summary

1:5 Ratio

This ratio lets our instructors give their best, most attentive mentorship to all participants.

Course Fees

Materials and equipment are provided, including all micro:bits and components. GST included.

Difficulty Level

All beginners welcome! This course is aimed at kids aged 10–13 years old.

Take Away

Bring your projects and kit–including the micro:bit and some components–home to continue tinkering!

If you have any questions, concerns, or are looking for suggestions for your student, feel free to contact us at [email protected]!