Cybersecurity Analyst Camp

Combine the theory of Cybersecurity with practical activities in networking, encryption and coding to gain a better understanding of computer hacking and security.

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Tinkercademy Makerspace @ 201 Henderson Rd, #06-19, Singapore 159545

Cybersecurity Analyst camp

  • 4 days of 9.30am to 3.30pm
  • 18 to 21 June 2019

For Ages 13+

Course Overview

In Cybersecurity Analysis students will learn about networks, from your home WiFi to the world wide web, data encryption and vulnerabilities. Common cyber attacks, what to look out for and how they work.

Practical activities like building a network in a simulator, writing a simple web server and client in python or encrypting and decrypting messages will help reinforce students understanding of the subject.


  • Exploring Cybersecurity
  • Using UNIX command line interfaces
  • Use a simulator to build a network and connect computers
  • Transmitting data
  • Write a socket web server using Python
  • Classical and modern encryption
  • Network security
  • Malware and cyber attacks

What You Will Learn


How networks work, from LAN (Local Area Network) to WAN (Wide Area Network), DNS, DHCP, IP, how data is transmitted, how computers communicate between each other and all over the world. Ever wondered how the text you write in your browser’s address bar turns into a web page?

Malware and Cyber attacks

You’ll learn about common computer malware and viruses and how best to protect yourself or spot them on your own device or network.

Terminals and commands

Get used to using the Terminal or command prompt to navigate computer file systems, create and edit files, and control computers remotely. The terminal may seem old fashioned but it is an incredibly powerful tool and learning to use it is a useful skill to have.

Creative thinking and problem solving

In a game of Capture The Flag students will have their problem solving put to the test on a series of puzzles made up of subjects learned throughout the course.

In Summary

1:8 Ratio

This ratio lets our instructors give mentorship to all kids and for them to learn from one another.

$480 Course Fee

Materials and equipment are provided. GST included.

Difficulty Level

Caters to beginners but will also appeal to intermediate programmers. This course is for kids 13+ years old.

Take Away

Transferable skills and concepts that are increasingly relevant in our technology-advanced world.

If you have any questions, concerns, or are looking for suggestions for your student, feel free to contact us at [email protected]!