AI Explorer Camp

Learn Python and techniques of machine learning by coding your own text and image classifiers and creating prediction systems.

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Tinkercademy Makerspace @ 201 Henderson Rd, #06-19, Singapore 159545

AI Explorer camp

  • 4 days of 9.30am to 3.30pm
  • 25 to 28 June 2019

For Ages 13+

Course Overview

Participants are introduced to coding in Python in the domain of Artificial Intelligence (AI). They will explore machine learning algorithms and understand the underpinnings and mechanisms by which we are able to train machines to perform tasks such as image recognition, text analysis, predictions and recommendations.

The course leverages on high-level machine learning libraries such as fastai and scikit-learn to enable participants to quickly prototype machine learning-based projects. Through the hands-on coding, they gain a deeper appreciation of the considerations for building machine learning projects. Combined with discussions on the ethics of AI, participants will be able to discern the potential, limitations and impact of machine learning in our near future.


  • Introduction to Python – variables,  expressions, statements, datatypes, iterators,  functions, lists, dictionaries, input/output, modules, APIs
  • History, types and recent breakthroughs of Machine Learning
  • Linear regression, logistic regression, regularisation, neural networks
  • Building datasets for Deep Learning
  • Image recognition using
  • Sentiment analysis/ text prediction
  • AI ethics

What You Will Learn

Python and its ML libraries

Learn to use the programming language Python, widely used in the industry. Understand variables,  expressions, statements etc, and make use of Python’s ML libraries like or scikit-learn to build datasets.

Fundamental Coding Concepts

You’ll learn about common coding concepts that are transferable across different programming languages. The basics of Python covered will be key takeaways as you delve deeper into programming in the future.

Machine Learning (ML) Algorithms

Through learning about linear regression, logistic regression, and regularisation, learn how machines go about doing predictions, and how to improve the accuracy of these predictions to produce more reliable results.


Real-life Contexts

Apply the theoretical concepts learnt throughout the camp to relevant scenarios, such as building your own classifier to sort objects like Pokemons, cars, or trees! Understand the implications and concerns of AI in the context of our increasingly digitised world.

In Summary

1:8 Ratio

This ratio lets our instructors give mentorship to all kids and for them to learn from one another.

$480 Course Fee

Materials and equipment are provided. GST included.

Difficulty Level

Caters to beginners but will also appeal to intermediate programmers. This course is for kids 13+ years old.

Take Away

Transferable skills and concepts that are increasingly relevant in our technology-advanced world.

If you have any questions, concerns, or are looking for suggestions for your student, feel free to contact us at [email protected]!