Go deep into building web applications in this course! Dive straight into the popular Rails programming framework, used to power many of the web’s top sites, and pick up the Ruby, HTML, CSS, and Javascript languages along the way, together with concepts on databases, model-view-controller, unit testing, and representational state transfer.

This course fulfils the requirements of Web App Developer Jr (Advanced) on IDA’s ICT Learning Roadmap. This course does not require students to have taken any of the other “Web Development Jr” courses, but is designed for highly motivated students willing to learn at a brisk pace.


By the end of the course, students should be able to:

  • Use and modify HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Program in Ruby and use the Rails framework
  • Understand how web applications are designed, tested, and integrated
  • Build a full server-based database-driven web application


  • Desktop / laptop (Windows / Mac / Linux)
  • Modern browser (Google Chrome / Firefox Developer Edition)
  • Free code editor (Atom for Windows / Mac / Linux)
  • SFTP access to external server (hosting provided)
  • Free & open source web development stack (Ruby, Rails, DevKit, SQLite, Node, Git)

Course length

36 hours (12 × 3-hour sessions)


None. Suitable for upper secondary / JC and above


  • For Infocomm Clubs in MOE schools, please visit IDA's ICT Learning Roadmap page to find out more about potential funding for this course, or email for more information.
  • For other schools, please enquire for rates.
  • No paid software required, but the school should provide desktops/laptops for student use.

Infocomm Club Course Code


Course outline

  • Introduction to programming in Ruby
  • Fundamentals of HTML and CSS
  • Introduction to the model-view-controller pattern
  • Using Rails and other open-source frameworks to create web applications
  • Authentication, validations, unit tests, routing, integration, incorporating external services
  • Course project: Build a social network web application
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