This course will teach students how to use Swift, Xcode, and UIKit to create actual useful apps they can install on their iOS devices and use in class. Students will also focus on adding delight with UI enhancements and animations — an essential element of successful iOS apps.

This course fulfils Mobile App Developer Jr (Intermediate) on IDA’s ICT Learning Roadmap. Students are not required to have completed the Beginner course, nor possess any programming knowledge, before taking this class.


By the end of the course, students should be able to:

  • Program in Swift, using the iOS SDK, to create iPhone or iPad apps
  • Utilise UIKit libraries to create effective mobile user experiences for collecting and displaying information
  • Build an interactive app, deployed on an actual device, and obtain feedback from users of the app


  • Apple Mac desktops / laptops running OS X Yosemite
  • Xcode 6.1 and up (free from Mac App Store)
  • School or students’ own iOS devices running iOS 8.0 and up
  • Optional: Apple Developer account (S$129) for school or students

Course length

36 hours (12 × 3-hour sessions)


None. Suitable for upper secondary and above


  • For Infocomm Clubs in MOE schools, please visit IDA's ICT Learning Roadmap page to find out more about potential funding for this course, or email for more information.
  • For other schools, please enquire for rates.
  • No paid software required, but the school should provide desktops/laptops for student use.

Infocomm Club Course Code


Course outline

  • Introduction to programming with Swift: variables, operators, control flow, collection types, functions
  • Introduction to iOS SDK, views, view controllers, model-view-controller pattern
  • Prototyping app user interface with Storyboards and different UIKit input/output widgets
  • Mini-projects: Creating a BMI calculator app, IPPT/NAPFA tracker app to record training
  • Final project: Create an educational app to teach a scientific or mathematical concept
View full course outline on Google Docs