The Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software, intended for anyone making interactive physical projects with electronics. This course will teach students how to design and control electronic prototypes using Scratch, Arduino, and the Arduino IDE. Students will learn programming and be exposed to a wide range of sensors and actuators on the Arduino.

This course fulfils the requirements of Maker Jr (Intermediate) on IDA’s ICT Learning Roadmap. Students are not required to possess any electronics or programming knowledge prior to this course; attendance at any prior “Maker Jr” course is also not required.


By the end of the course, students should be able to:

  • Create block-based programs using Scratch
  • Interface with the Arduino using Scratch to receive inputs and toggle outputs
  • Build a practical electronic set-up to accomplish different complex tasks depending on external inputs or selections


  • Desktop / laptop (Windows / Mac)
  • Scratch for Arduino (free, customised version will be made available for download)
  • Arduino IDE (free)
  • Get Hacking Arduino Starter Kit (bulk rates / rental available)

Course length

36 hours (12 × 3-hour sessions)


None. Suitable for upper secondary and above


    • For Infocomm Clubs in MOE schools, please visit IDA's ICT Learning Roadmap page to find out more about potential funding for this course, or email for more information.
    • For other schools, please enquire for rates.
    • Students will need the Get Hacking Arduino Starter Kit (1 or 2 students per kit). Bulk sale and rental rates available upon request.

Infocomm Club Course Code


Course outline

  • Introduction to Scratch programming through mini-projects: dance party, story-telling
  • Introduction to Arduino through mini-projects: blinking LED, light theremin, magic 8-ball, Pong game, Flappy Bird clone
  • Exposure to the Arduino IDE
  • Visit to a makerspace
  • Final project on using Arduino and Scratch to accomplish a real-world task
View full course outline on Google Docs