Through this workshop, learn how to use persistence of vision with Arduino to write long messages in the air using just eight LEDs.

Here’s what you get

  • 2 hours of fun!
  • Prototyping shield with mini breadboard
  • 8 LEDs
  • Resistors and wires
  • Tilt switch


  • Desktop / laptop (Windows /┬áMac)
  • Scratch for Arduino (free, customised version will be made available for download)
  • Arduino IDE (free)
  • Arduino UNO or Arduino-compatible board

You can purchase an Arduino UNO from us separately if you need it.

Course length

2 hrs


No prior experience necessary. We’ll guide you along as you put together the code and circuit. Suitable for anyone aged 8 to 18. We offer differentiated tracks so more advanced participants don’t get bored and newbies don’t get lost.


Classes are being run at IDA Labs. Please check with us for upcoming classes.