It’s every aspiring maker’s dream to make things that move, and in this workshop we’ll do exactly that with a 2-wheel-drive robotic Arduino “car” that wanders around, senses obstacles, and reverses if it bumps into things. Or if have more of a creative flair, you can even make your robot dance.

Here’s what you get

  • 4 hours of fun!
  • Lasercut acrylic chassis, with CAD template so you can make modifications and lasercut your own
  • 9V battery
  • L298 motor driver board
  • Tires and gear motors
  • Caster wheel
  • Servo motor
  • Limit switches: used as bump sensors
  • Ultrasonic rangefinder: used to detect obstacles, before bumping into them
  • Lots of screws and nuts and bolts


  • Desktop / laptop (Windows /┬áMac)
  • Arduino IDE (free)
  • Arduino UNO or Arduino-compatible board
  • [OPTIONAL] Wire cutters, phillips screwdriver, and small pliers, if you have any handy

You can purchase an Arduino UNO from us separately if you need it.

Course length

4 hrs


No prior experience necessary. We’ll guide you along as you put together the robot. Suitable for anyone aged 12 to infinity. We offer differentiated tracks so more advanced participants don’t get bored and newbies don’t get lost.


Classes are being run at IDA Labs. Please check with us for upcoming classes.