Put together a tiny version of the classic 1972 arcade game Pong using the Arduino and an 8×8 LED Matrix.

Here’s what you get

  • 4 hours of fun!
  • 8×8 Red/Green LED Matrix: 64 bi-color LEDs neatly arranged in a plastic block that can be controlled with just 24 pins
  • 74HC154 Decoder: the magic behind how to control 24 pins when the Arduino has only 13 outputs
  • Potentiometers: what we’ll use to control the Pong “paddles”
  • Passive buzzer: it’s not a classic arcade game if it doesn’t beep
  • A whole bunch of wires


  • Desktop / laptop (Windows /┬áMac)
  • Arduino IDE (free)
  • Arduino UNO or Arduino-compatible board
  • Full-sized breadboard
  • [OPTIONAL] Wire cutters, if you have handy

You can purchase an Arduino UNO and breadboard from us separately if you need them.

Course length

4 hrs


No prior experience necessary. We’ll guide you along as you put together the circuit and code. Suitable for anyone aged 12 to infinity. We offer differentiated tracks so more advanced participants don’t get bored and newbies don’t get lost.


Classes are being run at IDA Labs. Please check with us for upcoming classes.