Tinkercademy is the education arm of Tinkertanker, and was founded by the same three co-founders, Akmal, Steven, and YJ. Together, we’ve made apps (GuestDay, 125 and up, IC Photo), co-founded a startup (Spickify), and taught a wide variety of classes on programming, electronics, game development, and more.

Interested in teaching courses for us? Have programming experience? Get in touch!

Akmal Abd Rahman


Akmal handles web and back-end development, and designs our electronics courses. He went to Cornell, taught at North View Secondary, and keeps trying to play indie music none of us appreciate.

Steven Chan


Steven takes care of hardware, algorithms, and engineering. He graduated from MIT, worked at MICA, then at PayPal, and keeps trying to laser cut everything.

Soon Yin Jie


YJ does front-end work, and designs curriculum for mobile & web classes. He studied at Stanford, taught at Raffles Institution, and keeps making failed webcomics.

Mark Yong


Mark is co-founder and CEO of Garuda Robotics, a company building integrated hardware and software systems for UAV applications and services.

James Chan


James is the founder and CEO of Silicon Straits, an innovation tribe that builds products, companies and communities and makes seed investments.

Yeoh Eng Yew


Eng Yew is founder and chief advisor at Scholars’ Village, a talent development and tutoring centre.